Learning How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Dogs

Dealing with fleas on dogs is never any fun. Getting rid of these pernicious pests is very important because, if left untreated, they can become a serious problem for your pet and possibly even be the culprit of a serious illness.

Fortunately there are some very effective methods available to treat your pet and I’m going to describe how to get rid of fleas on dogs with some of the most commonly used topical treatments. These treatments are typically applied directly onto a small area on the dog’s back, helping to kill fleas and ticks.

Flea killer can sometimes cause irritation of the dog’s skin, but when used properly it gets rid of fleas on your dog fast. There are many sprays and dips available on the market today and it can be difficult to know which ones to go for. The sprays are available in aerosol and pump bottles, and should be applied onto the dog in a well-ventilated area. Dips are usually applied all over the animal, as well as in the pet’s ears and carefully around the eyes.

There are even dog collars you can purchase, which go on around your dog’s neck just like a regular collar, but which contain flea killing ingredients to effectively get rid of a flea problem fast.

For the best flea control on dogs, you can get rid of fleas on your dog with an effective treatment, but also need to treat the home. Clean the carpets, the dog bed, and other areas where fleas may be living. Cleaning the indoor environment is crucial, to ensure that once you treat the fleas on your dog, he does not then get them back again. This is an essential step for the most successful flea control program.

By taking a responsible approach to controlling, and hopefully preventing, fleas on your dog, you are benefiting not only the dog to get rid of dog fleas, but also yourself. Fleas can quickly infest on a dog and spread to areas of your home, and become a serious problem as a result. Consider your available options to find the best flea control for dogs in your home.

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5 Famous Dog Trainers

Dog and puppy training is a hard skill to master. It takes patience, understanding, and perseverance. Some individuals have excelled at the sport of dog training, and are well known for their training skills. Some top trainers are best known for their TV appearances, while others are known for their controversial training methods. The most well-known dog trainers, however, are the ones who develop their own techniques and change the dynamics of training. The following five dog trainers are all famous and important to the dog training sport.

Konrad Most

Konrad is a pioneer in the world of dog training. He began his career in 1906 in Germany, where he trained the dogs used by the police officials. Mr. Most went on to publish one of the highest acclaimed dog training books ever published, “Training Dogs.” Don’t let the simple title fool you, this book went on to become the foundation for all other dog training methods developed.

William R Koehler

Mr. Koehler first started training dogs in 1946. He began his career training dogs for the United States Army K-9 Corps. Since then, over 140,000 dogs have been trained under his supervision. Eventually, he developed and published his own training method, called The Koehler Method of Dog Training. His training method quickly became one of the most used methods for training dogs. He is best known for his work with Walt Disney Productions, where he trained many dogs that appeared in their films. The Incredible Journey, Big Red, and The Shaggy Dog all featured canine actors that had been trained by Koehler.

Winifred Gibson Strickland

Winifred is a very well respected dog trainer. She began her work in the early 1940s. Ms. Strickland was very passionate about training dogs, German Shepherds in particular. She is often called the “German Shepard of dog training”. While training she would reward good behavior, and punish bad behavior. Although she did punish bad behavior, she also worked very hard to make training less stressful and demanding on the dog. After retiring from training, Winifred went on to publish a book on dog training, teach others her techniques, and judge dog shows for the AKC.

Victoria Stillwell

Victoria is the star of the Animal Planet show It’s Me or the Dog. She started her training career in England, after noticing that her dog walking clients could benefit from training also. Since moving to the United States and starting her own television series, Victoria’s career has climbed quickly. She know appears on numerous talk shows and radio shows. She is also the author of two dog training books. Victoria uses positive reinforcement training and consistency to get her desired results.

Caesar Milan

Caesar is the best known dog trainer these days, thanks to his very popular TV show. The Dog Whisperer has helped him show off his skills and bring a new training method to the mainstream public. His training methods focus on establishing dominance with the dogs by getting on their level and using their form of communication. His techniques are sometimes viewed as harsh, and he has received much criticism from other trainers. Despite the controversy, he has gone on to publish multiple books and make many appearances to promote his training methods.

A well-trained dog is both a pleasure to own and a pleasure to be around. As an owner, you have the responsibility to properly train your pet to be well behaved and obedient. If you need professional help to accomplish this, find a local Salt Lake City dog trainer to hire. They will be able to teach you and your dog how to better communicate and work together.

Knitware Dog Sweater – Step IV

Yikes!  I can’t believe I haven’t finished this dog sweater yet.  Too many other things going on I guess.

I have been slowly making progress on the Benga’s sweater.  As I anticipated, I ran out of the main yarn.  I decided I would add some pizazz and use some Fun Fur to make up up for the short fall in my yarn.  I am using Lion Brand Copper Fun Fur from my stash to finish the length and make the sleeves.  Here’s what the sweater looks like now:

Using Copper Fun Fur to make up for my main yarn shortage! I think it looks good!

Check on progress in Knitware Dog Sweater...

Dog Houses For West Highland Terriers

Does your Westie need a dog house? He may not need it but he would probably like it. Even if you live in an apartment a small doghouse on your balcony could do a lot to improve your dog’s frame of mind.

Having a good doghouse can make a real difference in west highland terrier grooming. Giving the dog a place to get out of the weather can cut down the difficulties you may be experiencing keeping your Westie looking good. Westies usually love being outside, but this exposes them to mud and other things that make for mats and discoloration. Dog houses are a valuable counter-measure you can take to avoid this.

Another thing you can do to make grooming your Westie easier is to buy dog clothes. Don’t just get cute little outfits, though. Find dog clothes that will actually stand up to some abuse, that last and that don’t cost too much. Don’t fall for the cute factor. Price and durability are much more important than appearance, believe me.

So, what should you look for in dog house for Westies? This may surprise you, but one of the most important factor is that it have a flat roof. That’s right, a flat roof. The reason for this is that Westies love to perch on something and survey their domain. Whether you expect it or not, he’s going to wind up on the roof as much as inside. In fact, sometimes a simple little sleeping platform will do the trick without going to all the trouble of getting a full-fledged doghouse.

So, by that standard, the worst doghouse you could get is the round Dogloo type. They are really nice, and I like the looks of them, but there’s no flat spot for the dog to lie, and they are slippery to boot, so that kind of dog doesn’t work for a West Highland Terrier no matter how much I like them.

Flat roof is definitely the way to go, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be horizontal. That kind of roof will leak very soon if its exposed to the weather. A nice gentle slope is needed to get good drainage. Enough slope to shed water, but not so steep that the dog has trouble lying on it. That’s the ticket.

If you have the room anywhere, I’d highly recommend purchasing or building a good doghouse. Follow the guidelines I laid out here and your dog will thank you.

Winter Dog Coats – More Than Just a Fashion Statement?

Dog coats have become really fashionable lately. Lots of dog owners have started to dress their dogs up in many different types of dog clothing. Everything from dog coats and hats to dog boots! Much of this is just something you can put down to dog fashion. This shouldn’t put you off from buying your dog a coat though, not to make it look fashionable but rather just to keep it warm during the cold whether. Dog coats for winter are more than dog fashion.

Winter dog coats are really important especially during the really cold weather that many places have been experiencing lately. Dog fur can only keep your dog warm up to a certain extent. Don’t forget that for most of the time your dog lives in a warm house with you, which means they are just as inclined to feel the cold as you are once you leave the warmth of your house.

You may not notice that your dog is cold, usually because many dogs are so excited to get outside. It’s only after they’ve been out for a while that they may start to show signs of becoming cold.

Winter dog coats are the best way to keep your dog warm because a dog coat will cover the whole of the dog’s back and sides. This is where most of the body heat from a dog escapes and also where the dogs vital organs are. Any simple winter dog coat will do. You don’t need to get a fancy one with a hood or fleece lining. However if you do, I’m sure your dog will love you for it!

At the end of the day it’s just about making sure your dog is warm enough and not about making a fashion statement. It’s your dog’s well being that is most important, not how cool they look!

Keeping Your Pet Safe with a Wireless Dog Fence

Each year, a growing number of dogs met their demise by being hit by cars. Unfortunately, this tragedy might not have happened if there was an effective containment system implemented by their owners. Financial strain and zone restrictions are just some of the factors that prevent some owners from establishing fences that could have saved their pets’ lives. Sometimes, the problem lies in not having enough time and patience to carry out a strenuous job of installing fences. This is where a wireless dog fence comes handy.

You will find a wireless dog fence very convenient as you don’t have to labor in installing a physical fence where your dog might have jumped over it anyway. Setting up the device takes only about an hour and then you can have your invisible fence up and running smoothly and effectively. You might be wondering, just how effective is this kind of electronic dog fence? Well, this device has an extensive coverage, with the more advanced version covering up to 11 acres. With that kind of range, any yard size can be accommodated.

If your family loves taking vacations and you have to bring your pet with you, you can do so comfortably with a wireless dog fence. Because it is wireless, it is portable and you can use it anywhere you want. If you don’t want your pet to stray out of sight while the rest of the family is enjoying the view, you can set up the parameter in a matter of minutes. You can also set the tone and level of static shocks according to what you feel is most convenient for you and your dog. The different settings allow you to adjust things according to your requirements such as the parameter that you want to establish for your dog as his roaming area. This way, even if no one is keeping an eye on him you know that he is out of any potential danger.

Buying Small Dog Sweaters

Does your dog start to shiver on walks during the winter time and start to seem reluctant to go out?  Most likely it is because he is feeling the cold and feels miserable.  Rather than thinking that dogs have fur coats and should be able to cope with going out in all seasons consider the fact that many dogs have fine or very short fur and, even if they don’t, may not carry much extra body fat to keep them warm.  The way that dogs have been bred for certain features means that over the years they have become less and less well adapted to live in certain climates and small dogs in particular tend to suffer once the temperature drops.

The answer, of course, is to buy a dog sweater to keep him nice and warm even in sub zero temperatures.  However, you may think that buying small dog sweaters will be difficult due to their size.  Luckily, as clothing for dogs has become more main stream even high street pet stores have started to stock sweaters in a range of different sizes from those for Great Danes to tiny Chihuahuas.

Even if your local store doesn’t stock one small enough for your dog you can simply take his measurements and go online to find one that will fit.  There are plenty of niche dog boutiques who specialize in more unusual or difficult to find dog accessories.

Dog sweaters come in a huge range of patterns and styles with some having hoods and long sleeves while others just cover a dog’s back.  The severity of the weather where you live will dictate which style is most suitable and will help you to decide which fabric to choose.  After all, wool looks fantastic but might be too hot in slightly milder climes.

So, next time your dog quivers in his dog house when you suggest going for a walk have a think about buying him a nice warm sweater.

How Not to Select Chihuahua Clothes: Fashion Versus Function

When it comes to selecting a comprehensive wardrobe of Chihuahua clothes for your pet, you do not want to go fully functional and forget about fashion. Wearing name-brand and designer clothes makes a statement, and sometimes you dress up just to make that statement. Why would it be any different when you step out with your fashion-ready doggie in tow?

Whatever your opinion is on trends, there is no doubt that Chihuahuas are fashionable these days. Half of Hollywood has a Chihuahua complete with the hottest Louis Vuitton canine carrier. As a trendy dog owner, you don’t want to be known as the person who didn’t know how to look sharp when the occasion arises.

There are certain benefits to dressing your dog in the most fabulous styles, not the least is making friends and influencing lots of people. When your pet is prancing in Prada, it will instantly make you the center of attention. Your Chihuahua’s appearance will be the ice breaker for starting conversations with other stylish people in the know.

Probably you don’t think twice about buying Chihuahua clothing to keep your delicate dog warm. You may even like to dress your dog up now and again for that random special occasion. However, if you really want to walk Hollywood Boulevard or Fifth Avenue with your Chihuahua, you will need to splurge for a few high end designer goods. The great news is that your pet’s small stature will be less expensive to clothe than what you are likely to budget for your own high-end needs.

Chances are you have various motivation when it comes to dressing your Chihuahua. Perhaps you are taking pride in your pet while making sure it is healthy and comfortable. You probably boost your own self-esteem by making sure your dog has the latest fashion. Be careful that you are not pampering your pooch in public while reinforcing bad behavior in private. You can certainly find high end designer pet clothes that keep your doggie happy while showing the world that you know plenty about looking good and stepping out.

Just keep in mind that your dog should look as fashionable as you do. Style does matter!

Saving Time and Money Using Advantage Multi

Most cats and dogs do not like their monthly flea treatment.  Even fewer still are particularly impressed by having to take tablets every 30 days.  Few pet owners are particularly happy about all the money they spend on pet medicines.  So why not help out both your wallet and your pet’s stress levels by combining some of their regular treatments with a product like Advantage Multi for Cats and Advantage Multi for dogs?

As the American Heartworm Society is now advising pet owners across the United States to use heartworm preventative for all cats and dogs, more heartworm medicines are being used.  Though all are reliable if used correctly, the cheap tablets can be notoriously difficult to administer.  And, if not digested fully, you don’t know that your pet is receiving the full dose required to prevent the condition.

Many pet owners find a topical medicine are far more attractive solution.  There is no fear of your pet spitting out the tablet after you are gone, or indeed simply experiencing an upset tummy later in the day which you don’t notice.  Once a heartworm medicine is applied to the skin, you know that your pet will get exactly the right dose to ensure all larval heartworms are completely destroyed, preventing any risk of the disease occurring.

Since topical flea medicines are also popular as they are so effective at preventing fleas all month long, it makes perfect sense to combine both treatments in one.  This is what Advantage Multi is.  And because you only have to buy one product you can make some serious financial savings, as well as being happy that your pet has been given just the right meds to keep them in good health every month.  To increase these savings further you might want to buy from Canada where Advantage Multi is available without a prescription.

It’s Time Again To Start Buying Dog Clothes

It seems like just yesterday that we celebrating the first day of summer and yet winter is almost here.  The nights are getting longer and the days are getting shorter.  Temperatures are beginning to plummet and before you know it, we will be seeing freezing temperatures.  You really should do your dog a favor and start purchasing this year’s dog clothes now so that when it actually does get cold outside, he will have something warm to wear.

If you have a large dog, you may be frustrated when it comes to shopping for dog clothing.  Hardly any stores carry dog clothing.  Even the big pet stores don’t carry much dog clothing.  What little they do carry is usually just a few outfits for small dogs.  Everyone would benefit from purchasing dog clothing at an online store like www.dogclothingcentral.com.  This website has the largest selection of dog clothing in all shapes and sizes, from small dog clothing to big dog clothing.  Not only do they have the largest selection, they have very fast shipping.

Dogs are not unlike people in the sense that they change in body shape over the course of their lives.  Some dogs lose weight as they get older and some dogs gain weight as they get older.  Puppies will grow taller and put on quite a bit of weight.  Many people purchase dog clothes for their dog and then don’t realize until it is too late that their dogs shape or size has changed.  Do your dog a favor and try last year’s winter dog clothes on your dog before it’s too late to order winter dog clothes for this year.

It really doesn’t take much time to go through last year’s box of dog clothing to find out what still fits an what is still in good repair.  Taking the time to do this will let you know exactly what size of dog clothes to buy for this year’s winter season.  It’ll also let you know if you need to repair any of last year’s clothing.  Not only is it a good time of year to buy dog clothing, it’s also a good time a year to buy your dog shiny new dog collar.